12 VDC power supply (Migjorn optional 24 VDC)

24 VDC power supply

Power supply 110 VAC / 230 VAC or 400VAC (Power supply models 008, 009 or 011

Power supplies operating frequency

50 Hz / 60 Hz

HHO gas working pressure


Number of cells




Programmable HHO gas production (Max l / hour)

120 l/hour

600 l/hour

1.100 l/hour

Approximate maximum consumption

50 l/diesel 10A

275 l/diesel 55A

450 l/diesel 80A

External water tank level probe input

Internal water tank level probe

Analog Lambda probe input

Constant emission information (Lambda probe assembly)

USB / RS232 / RS485 connections

Ethernet connection

SIM card, GPS and Ethernet module (Optional module)

Fire alarm input, HHO gas sensor module and Auxiliary

External start-up input (oil pressure switch) Negative input

External start-up input (oil pressure switch) Negative or positive input

HHO gas leak alarm inside the machine

Automatic water filling from the inner tank

Automatic water filling from the external tank

Automatic conductor filling for water electrolysis

Conductivity meter at the water inlet

Automatic self-cleaning bubbler system

Automatic self-cleaning system for bubblers

Self-cleaning system for equipment tanks

Misting system programmable in ml of water / hour

Start-up from the ignition key, external oil pressure switch input, or programmable voltage difference (engine running)

4.3 "color screen membrane keyboard

7 "TFT color touch screen

Visualization and programming of the operation through a PC

Level and temperature probe for bubbler and splitter

Temperature safety probes for bubbler and dissociator

Heating in the bubbler in case of freezing of the water, programmable temperatures.

Heating on the splitter to reduce time for maximum production, programmable temperatures.

HHO gas outlet and nebulizer

HHO gas outlet and nebulizer to feed a main engine and two secondary or auxiliary engines

HHO gas outlet and nebulizer to feed two main engines

Maintenance A every 600 hours and maintenance B every 6000 hours

All the equipment is made of INOX 316L and painted

Installation area


Temperature range in the installation area

+2ºC a 50ºC

Dimensions Width / Height / Depth mm

500x 400x160

664 x 1085 x 320

730 x 1085 x 320

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