Hydro Systems equipment, the result of an R + D + i process, developed by our company, generates hydrogen and oxygen (HHO gas) and injects it into the engine’s air flow.

With this simple operation, combustion is enriched and immediate benefits are achieved:

  • Save up to 12% in fuel consumption.
  • They optimize the operation of the engine.
  • Reduce the emission of harmful pollutants for people and the environment (CO, NOX, ppm.).
  • Reduce the amount of smoke in the exhaust.

All this without modifying the characteristics of the engine, or the speed or load capacity of the ship.

The generation of HHO gas is produced according to the demand of the engine, autonomously, without any storage or accumulation process, with the maximum guarantees of safety, and allowing the installation of the equipment indoors.

This process improves the efficiency of the engine, increases its power and keeps the oil cleaner, reduces the accumulation of char and manages to extend its useful life.

Hydro Systems equipment works with optimal results in fishing boats, cargo ships, passenger transport vessels and generators.